Event Painting from photographs
I am often asked to paint from photographs after the event and is now offering this option.  I combine elements from several photos to create a jewel box of memories in one unique and very special painting.

In addition to the main painting, I may be able to do extra smaller paintings for family and friends, eg. the Bride will commission a painting of the Father Daughter Dance as a special gift for her Dad; or I may be asked to paint live at a wedding reception where the guest have more time to watch me and then paint the ceremony from photos.  Some parents ask me to do another painting based on the original so that they can have one for themselves. 

These paintings are usually done from photos in my studio make unique gifts for special thank you's. Your celebrations are an idea occasion for a painting  families and friends as everyone is together in the same place.  There are many sizes for studio paintings ranging from 5x7".